Wednesday, July 23, 2014

This Is All I Have to Give

Spent. Exhausted. Brain dead. Wiped. Do any of these adjectives describe the way a day normally leaves you feeling?

You know the feeling I'm referring to... when you have nothing left to give and you wonder how anyone could possibly squeeze an ounce of anything good from you.

It's true for all moms, I think. No matter what season of parenting you're in. In this week's Prov 31 blog hop, we've been asked to share a favorite way to refill and remind ourselves of His great love for us.

Back in April I did a 30 day series on being OK where God has you. One day focused on the fact that we're made for forever. This world and all of its momentary distractions, disappointments and failures are not the end.

When I get to the point of feeling like I have nothing left to give, I have to remind myself of that. I love to refer back to Psalm 63 - and sometimes I may need to read it over and over again - to refresh my perspective and remind myself that He is indeed, more than enough.

The same power that resurrected Christ abides in me. So when I feel powerless and completely inadequate on my own... I am. Only in Christ and by His strength can I keep pressing forward to not allow my drought defeat me!

I really don't want this ol' broken world to be the fulfillment of my wildest dreams! So when it has me feeling spend and drained, I'm only re-energized in knowing that something FAR better awaits!

P31 OBS Blog Hop

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Being a Mom is Tough!

An online Bible study community that I am involved with is hosting a study right now, Am I Messing Up My Kids?

I am certain that every mom has asked this at some point or another in their journey! For me, it's nearly daily. My husband and I try to be intentional with every decision we make concerning them and while that's considered extreme by some, we just consider it biblical. The way you interact with your children on a daily basis matters. Every decision you make regarding your response to their inconveniences matters.

I don't always respond to those inconveniences lovingly. But I think faith is forged in the midst of our failures as moms. So, as a apart of this community Bible study we've been challenged to ask our readers what is it that you wonder that you're doing right or wrong as a mom?

Whenever I doubt, I turn to the truth above in James 1:5. It never fails that when I have sought out God's wisdom in every area of my life, He has delivered.

Participate in this study along with me! I'll be doing some separate posts along the way, discussing a few of the topics the author covers. We were created to live in real community. None of us are perfect moms, but I definitely want to strive to be a godly one.

P31 OBS Blog Hop

Monday, July 7, 2014

Knowing doesn't bring peace...

This morning a friend from work called me and asked if she could read a post from my blog for her small group meeting this evening. When I asked her which post she wanted to use, she mentioned it was regarding the subject of peace. She then asked me where the title of my blog came from.

I had to think.

And in that moment I recalled that Psalm 20:7 came alive for me in a period of my life when this blog just kind of... happened.

"Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God."

I thought back to that season of my life when this little venture grew and I recalled what God was teaching me... to submit my mind to Christ. God was preparing me to start fully loving Him not just with my hands, my feet, my heart, and my soul... but my mind.

In allowing my mind to do what it was created to do- fueled with God's love- I could trust like never before. God can change my mind in the same way He has changed my heart.

This was an awakening realization for me in that season and in taking the time to relive it today I realized that in a lot of ways I'm still on the same journey He set in motion 7 years ago. Have you ever had a moment when God showed you that He's not done with you in a particular area?

You thought you'd waved goodbye to that season and were moving on in faith to maturer things... but, hold up. I'm so grateful He doesn't leave us to ourselves!

Ultimate peace, beyond our circumstances, doesn't come from knowing details from one moment to the next. Even the smallest details each day brings- like: what am I going to feed my family for dinner? To: who's email is next on my list to return?, come from trusting Him. Often, we aren't aware of our own thoughts, but these brain vibes are affecting our moment-by-moment decisions. String all those decisions together, and we call it life.

Why would I not want to be loving God fully every day in the place where those decisions are made... my mind?

Even when my mind can't comprehend what's around the corner, I must choose to love Him fully still. His love can change my mind. It can transform doubt into assurance, captivity into freedom, weakness into strength, and restlessness... into peace.

So, knowing my every move and whether or not it will turn out as I've planned, does not bring peace. But, trusting in the name of my Abba will.

If the Lord has me on this journey for the rest of my earthly life then so be it. I want the meditations of my mind, just as much as my heart, to be sweet to Him (Psalm 104:34).