Monday, August 18, 2014

The Service No One Sees

Sometimes our role as a wife, mom, an organizer of all things important - heck, just as a woman - can feel pretty thankless. 

We speak words all day long. We train. We pour. We plan. We invest. 

But in the midst, we starve ourselves. Of gratitude, appreciation, and affirmation that's needed along the way. The behind the scenes work wasn't meant to feel lonely. He whispers to us all the while. 

I can manage a whole day without allowing God to speak to my heart about how He sees me. How He views every detail of my day as important and utterly valuable to the Kimgdom. 

Somehow I think that lofty recognition is better than knowing my God loves the service no one sees. 

The behind the scenes moments when mama is on her knees pleading with God for her family while the rest of the house sleeps soundly. 

Or the moment of complete exhaustion that just "might" allow for a 10 minute power nap, until a beautiful voice from another room pleads, "Mommy, will you play with me?" 

Thankless? Tired? Broken? He sees. 

We make a standard for ourselves out of the outward - that which can be applauded in public or posted on social media. But behind the scenes moments- when you are doing the thing day in and day out simply out of your love for Him...

That moves the heart of God. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Don't ignore the bad, just choose to savor the good

I watched the sun come up. Okay, so I was a tad frustrated that I was awake and not still savoring my last 2 hours before my alarm commanded me to start the day, but there was also a peacefulness and awe. Why didn't I do this more often? The sun rises every day and while I could've used the time to squeeze some writing deadlines in, exercise, fold laundry, or make a fabulous breakfast, I sat.

And watched.

And prayed.

I asked Him why it seemed so hard to savor more ordinary life moments like that. Because while I knew the same problems I went to bed with would be greeting me with my morning call, it was the freedom in choosing to stop and enjoy a beautiful moment given to me by a merciful God, that made all the difference in my day.

Life let's us savor the wrong things sometimes. In chaotic survival mode, it's easy to just let the bad overshadow the good. When the good deserves every bit as much attention and acknowledgement.

The good in my every day I'm choosing to see clearly and glorify God in looks a little something like this:

~ How my husband routinely greets me with a "good morning beautiful", even when I'm rolling out of bed with sleep still in my eyes and do not feel like talking

~ The animal noises that come from my toddler's crib in the mornings while I'm in the shower and 1,000 thoughts are running through my brain

~ The way my daughter says "I love you to the moon and back" even if I'm only running a 5 minute errand

~ The smiling faces that greet me when I walk in the door each day

~ How my husband always gets to the laundry before I do because he knows it lifts a burden for me

~ The constant mess in the playroom because it reminds me we have a beautiful home to play in and children who are healthy to play

~ How my daughter is elated when we dress in the same color

It's a simple refocusing- a deliberate choice. It's not that hard, really. Like the rising of the sun... good things happen every day even in the midst of the difficult. Because we serve a God who never stops being good. Even if our circumstances never change. This life wasn't meant to just survive. But to savor.

Because the Father makes us strong enough to take part in everything bright and beautiful that He has for us. (Colossians 1:12, emphasis mine).

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

This Is All I Have to Give

Spent. Exhausted. Brain dead. Wiped. Do any of these adjectives describe the way a day normally leaves you feeling?

You know the feeling I'm referring to... when you have nothing left to give and you wonder how anyone could possibly squeeze an ounce of anything good from you.

It's true for all moms, I think. No matter what season of parenting you're in. In this week's Prov 31 blog hop, we've been asked to share a favorite way to refill and remind ourselves of His great love for us.

Back in April I did a 30 day series on being OK where God has you. One day focused on the fact that we're made for forever. This world and all of its momentary distractions, disappointments and failures are not the end.

When I get to the point of feeling like I have nothing left to give, I have to remind myself of that. I love to refer back to Psalm 63 - and sometimes I may need to read it over and over again - to refresh my perspective and remind myself that He is indeed, more than enough.

The same power that resurrected Christ abides in me. So when I feel powerless and completely inadequate on my own... I am. Only in Christ and by His strength can I keep pressing forward to not allow my drought defeat me!

I really don't want this ol' broken world to be the fulfillment of my wildest dreams! So when it has me feeling spend and drained, I'm only re-energized in knowing that something FAR better awaits!

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